(ENG) Webseries: a new wave, study cases from France

Webseries are a real worldwide phenomenon, everywhere young authors and producers are launching webseries on internet, with freedom, energy, a strong culture of tv series, movies and internet content. Webseries festivals are blooming in all big cities to gather this new community of creators.
While the money is still rare, and the quality unequal, the french market is a good playground for webseries, in terms of linear or interactive format , success stories, genres and players which have decided to invest this new field of creation as Canal plus, Arte, France TV/Studio4 and some internet players.
Illustrations will be given : Mission Braquo (ARG), What’ the teuf (Participative), Noob and Visiteurs du Futur ( success stories among the geeks ), Before ( success story among students ), The evening cigarette ( international  animation format ), le Meufisme ( for a female audience ),  Tout est vrai ou presque ( real people stories), Frat ( first thriller on Canal play ), Black road project ( thriller in animation and VR ).